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"All the independent women in the house, show us your tits and shut your motherfuckin' mouths,"

*giggles* That's one of my favorite lines from Kon Artis off of Devil's Night. Not that I have a nonfavorite line of his. Everything he spits is good.

You'll have to excuse me - I happen to have... a small obsession with the man.

My name's Connie, I'm 26 - from Michigan (I live about an hour north of Detroit) and I LOVE me some D12. I scoured eBay and got all of D12's underground stuff. Inclusive of Proof's first solo CD "E.C.A.T" and Bizzy's "Attack of the Weirdos".

I personally can not WAIT until 2005. Kon Artis and Kuniva have a solo project coming out with their group Da Brigade - plus there's not one but TWO D12 movies coming out - Runyon Cash (which is supposed to be like 8 Mile and if it's shot in Detroit - you can bet your ass - I'm going to go see if I can't see some of the filming) and Devil's Night which is supposed to be a scary movie. They've also got a DVD coming out and are working on a reality show. I found all this out at their concert the 1st of August. I screamed and was like COME ON 2005. I called my best friend the next day and asked if it was 2005 yet.

AND - the MTV VMA's are tonight and they're nominated for 3 awards. They're up against some stiff competition - but here's to hoping for the best.

You'll have to excuse my babbling - I get slightly excited when talking about D12.

It is SO cool that I found this community.
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